1. Establish and enhancing continuing relationship between the university and its alumni
  2. Providing support to the Mount Kenya University Alumni Association
  3. Maintain the data base of all the alumni
  4. Maintaining the data bank of potential employers
  5. Carrying out tracer studies on the performance and progress of the alumni
  6. Identifying job opportunities jointly with alumni
  7. Maintaining a network with employers for possible new –market-driven programmes
  8. Carrying out activities to prepare the student to alumni successful alumni through Employability soft skills (exit trainings, career talks etc)
  9. Maintaining alumni schedule of activities and organize the activities
  10. Provide the secretariat to the alumni association.
  11. Organizing alumni meetings and creating opportunities that will make alumni remain connected to the university.
  12. Establish strong alumni chapters
  13. Maintaining the alumni website
  14. Provide support to graduating students/graduands